Andrew Lincoln’s Walking Dead Exit Means Big Things For Norman Reedus

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For Andrew Lincoln, his impending exit will allow Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) to take over at The Walking Dead's primary lead.

Andrew Lincoln, who has starred as the lead of AMC's The Walking Dead since the pilot, will reportedly be leaving the series after appearing in only a handful of episodes in the upcoming season nine.

It's not known what fate will befall Lincoln's character, whether he'll be killed off in customarily gruesome fashion, or head off into the distance.

Whatever the case, the show is in need of a shake-up.

What makes Carl's and now (if true) Rick's exit all the more surprising is the fact that the AMC series has largely hewn closer and closer to the comic book storyline with each passing season.

To fill the void in the show's leading man status, AMC are rumoured to be offering an improved financial offer to long-running series star Norman Reedus. The six episodes could be stretched out through all of season nine.

AMC has yet to confirm if The Walking Dead season 9 - which began filming earlier this month - will serve as Lincoln's final season.

While no concrete details have come out of Collider's report stating Lincoln is finished with The Walking Dead, there are a few interesting tidbits.

There was speculation that Maggie Rhee could exit during the season eight finale, after confirmation that Lauren Cohan signed onto a new show, though she ended up staying put.

Another popular character, Morgan Jones (Lennie James), left The Walking Dead after Season 8, moving to sister series Fear the Walking Dead in the first character crossover between the two shows.

However, the character was allowed to live as Rick attempted to show him mercy. There is no word of how the character is going to leave, but no matter what, it's going to make a huge impact on the series.