Donald Trump to pardon Dinesh D'Souza

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"Then he got fired & I got pardoned", D'Souza tweeted at Bharara, former United States attorney for the Southern District of NY.

At the time, the legal limit for an individual contribution was $5,000. "But now you have hope - you really have hope", Trump said. He also produced the films "2016: Obama's America" and "Hillary's America".

When Trump says D'Souza was being "unfairly" he probably probably means prosecutors went after D'Souza so aggressively because of politics (Barack Obama was the president and D'Souza had created and released an anti-Obama documentary before the 2012 election). He's also a prominent Christian activist; he used to be the president of a Christian college but resigned after he became engaged to one woman while still married to another.

D'Souza tweeted his thanks to the president a few hours after the news broke.

The reprieve of Arpaio, who was convicted of federal misdemeanor criminal contempt after a judge found he had defied a court order to stop targeting Latinos with sweeps of suspected undocumented immigrants, renewed criticism of the president's handling of racially charged issues, Bloomberg reported. Long lost to Democratic Sen.

His cause was taken up by some on the political right as an example of anti-conservative bias during the Obama administration. "In light of these facts, the President has determined that Mr. D'Souza is fully worthy of this pardon", the statement said.

D'Souza is a former policy analyst under President Ronald Reagan and a prolific author well-known for works critical of Obama. Trump tweeted by way of explanation.

D'Souza was sentenced to five years of probation, including eight months' confinement in a community center.

When asked if the DOJ Office of the Pardon Attorney had reviewed D'Souza's case, a Justice Department spokesperson told ABC News, "He doesn't have a petition pending with the Office of the Pardon Attorney". In another tweet, he wrote "Adults 1, kids 0". Despite the backlash, D'Souza is scheduled to speak at a two-day event being put on next month by the Republican Party of Florida.