‘Mega Man 11’ Release Date Confirmed, Double Gear System Explained

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It will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

In this latest installment, Dr. It's a combination of both the Speed Gear and the Power Gear which can only be utilized when Mega Man is at critical health.

Capcom announced the news on Tuesday, and spilled a few more details about the game in a trailer that shows off some of Mega Man's new abilities. Jump, slide, shoot, and more through challenging stages and Robot Masters. Players that pre-order Mega Man 11 can also receive a free in-game bonus soundtrack if they purchase the game from Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, the Nintendo eShop, or Steam.

You're also able to "double charge" your Mega Buster for an even more powerful blast.

Rather than following the current trend for replicating the graphical style of the 8-bit era, Mega Man 11 features a new anime aesthetic that's... interesting. The plans include what is called the Double Gear system which is created to push "robots beyond their normal capabilities".

The game description reveals an "innovative new Double Gear system" that can boost Mega Man's speed and power "for a new twist on the satisfying gameplay the series is known for".

Still, as you can see in the trailer, Mega Man 11 still has the classic level and boss design motifs that it did in the NES days. In previous games, players had to pause the game and enter the menu in order to select weapons.

It'll be a robo-tastic time when Mega Man 11 debuts this October for consoles and PC. Mega Man is getting another Amiibo figurine, this time based around a 30th anniversary model.