Attorney: Wildwood officers arresting client was 'overreaction'

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A video taken by a bystander, which showed one officer punch the woman, went viral.

The beachgoer video shows an officer punching Weinman twice on the head as she was prone on the sand. Weinman repeatedly refuses to give the officer her last name, and the officer says, "OK, that's it, I'm done with you", and moves toward her. Weinman walks away yelling, "Don't f***ing touch me".

An attorney for 20-year-old Emily Weinman, of Philadelphia, told the charges against Weinman are exaggerated.

Weinman can be heard swearing at officers and arguing with them as they try to hold her to the ground to arrest her.

She's facing two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. She later claims: "I'm a woman". It is then that she spits and says to the officer: "You white piece of trash". The camera was reactivated during the struggle with the woman seen in the third video. As an officer places handcuffs on her, she can be seen in the video spitting at him.

But Wildwood police, reeling under accusations of brutality and excessive force in an incident police Chief Robert Regalbuto initially called "alarming", released three body camera videos Wednesday.

"I asked them don't they have something better to do as cops than to stop people for underage drinking on the beach, saying to that there's so much more serious stuff going on... the cop said, "I was gonna let you go but now I'll write you up" and he asked my name".

Wildwood police asked anyone who was present and has video of the altercation to come forward to help their internal affairs investigation, in which Cape May County officers will also be assisting. "At that point I blacked out and fought any way possible trying to get up and push him off me". She refused to give it to them. "I was partly wrong in a way but I was scared". "She tried to tell us it was okay for her to possess alcohol and that doesn't make any sense". Weinman screams that she's being choked and begins to flail her arms and legs before the officer announces "That's it" and begins striking her.

As the situation starts to heat up, one officer is heard saying: "OK, that's it, I'm done with you". She tried kicking at us, so I slammed her on the ground. "I didn't disrespect you".

She says she failed a breathalyser test, but denied she had been drinking the contents of the bottle she had on her.

"This young lady attacked our officer", Troiano said.