NDP's Horwath makes strategic voting pitch to Liberal supporters

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She has got guts to show her face on TV and say she is proud of what the Liberals have accomplished, knowing she has dug a financial hole so deep our great-grandchildren won't be able to get out of it.

Kathleen Wynne has come to the realization that the Liberals will not win the June 7th Provincial election.

And strong mayors certainly don't guarantee successful government in big American centres, he said, citing New York's crumbling subway system and problems with policing in various locales south of the border.

"Sometimes there's a reality and you have to face it, and I think the Premier was very courageous in doing that", says Hoggarth, who has served as Barrie's MPP since 2014.

Ford didn't offer anything in terms of publicized statements about Wynne's press conference, but Horwath was scathing in her response to the premier, saying she's basically giving up on the fight against "Doug Ford's cuts". She said that committee would be modelled on one that looked into former premier Dalton McGuinity's decision to cancel two natural gas power plants.

In 2014 Horwath shifted her party to the centre, right of Wynne, to try to gain some voter traction away from the Tories.

"A majority with Doug Ford is the scariest situation for me", says Kerk.

The NDP would also ask Elections Ontario to call for independent experts to make recommendations on how the agency could introduce rules to oversee the nomination of candidates by the province's political parties.

During a campaign event in Hamilton, Wynne said the ads are "part of a strategy to give people in different communities information they're concerned about".

But Wynne says people should vote Liberal to prevent the NDP or PC from securing a majority. It's about the people of this province. "She's demonstrated today that she speaks directly to the people", he said.

"It would be great if all of us agreed that inclusion and acceptance of difference was what we believed in and we shared that value system", Wynne said. Her faith in the Liberals was shaken and her vote will go to the NDP, she said. "On the other extreme, you have the NDP, who have historically campaigned against free-trade agreements - I would suggest a rigid and impractical position".

Back in 1977 a colleague and I, conducting an Ontario voter survey, posed a question about second choices.

It's clear the Liberals can't recover enough to win a majority of the legislature's seats, and given the concentration of the NDP vote in particular areas, it would also be surprising as well if the New Democrats won a majority.

The Liberal Party has been trailing a distant third in recent polls, and Wynne's popularity has been low. By voting Liberal you can keep Doug Ford - and the NDP, from having a blank cheque.