WWDC 18: Watch Apple map out the future of iOS and macOS

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And ahead of WWDC 2018, one new upcoming iOS 12 feature may have been revealed.

WWDC 2018 is where Apple typically lays out its software plan for the next year.

Based on the video posted by Chinese video-sharing website Miaopai and redirected to YouTube by Macotakara, the iPhone SE 2 will sport a similar design to the previous iteration, the iPhone SE.

According to Bloomberg Quint's report, the new Apple initiative will be dubbed Digital Health and will offer a series of tools to help iOS users monitor the amount of time they spend on their smart devices. Apple's AR sharing platform is created to work from phone-to-phone directly, eliminating the need of sharing any details to cloud servers, making it much safer to use.

A glimpse at Apple's iOS 12 is hoped for as standard, as it's expected to be released to the public later this autumn and so developers will be needing early access around now.

Wondering what to expect at Apple's WWDC event later today? Instead, the WWDC has a reputation of showing new software updates to existing devices - which is also a clear path of where new devices are heading.

Gone are the days OEMs and companies used to imitate and modify Apple features on their own devices and from the looks of it, this year will mark Apple taking inspiration from none other than Google to add features to its smartphones.

Apple is also expect to preview improvements to its voice assistant 'Siri'. What are your thoughts on Apple's WWDC 2018 event? It didn't catch on, and Apple has scaled back its advertising ambitions since then to focus on ads in its App Store. Services are anticipated to become Apple's next long-term growth catalyst, as iPhone sales slows down. Users have been asking for this major overhaul for years now and it may finally be here.

Notably, the trend in Apple's share price is positive this year, which increased 1.8% to close at $190.24, near its 52-week range on Jun 1.

To date, Apple hasn't take much action on the issue.

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