How to help fight plastic pollution for World Environment Day

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On occasion of World Environment Day, Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) organised a round table conference in collaboration with the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) and other stakeholders with the theme "Beat Plastic Pollution".

The Chairman of JSPL - Naveen Jindal also reached out the mass through different social network sites and asked everyone to pledge to Beat Plastic Pollution and said, "Plaster is chocking our planet, let's do our part and end Single-use Plastic". To help reduce waste and fight climate change, the Government of Canada has taken significant steps and is planning important new measures to protect the environment and promote clean growth, here at home and overseas.

Government bans on plastic can be effective in cutting back on waste, but poor follow-through has left many such bans ineffective, the United Nations said in a report Tuesday.

Through this joint action, worldwide partners in Việt Nam seek to act as change agents in reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness about its negative effects on humans, animals and the environment.

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar urged people to vow not to use low-grade plastic. Ahmed El Sheikh, President & CEO, PepsiCo India, said: "In line with reducing the impact of our packaging on the environment, we are committed to working with partners to leverage new technologies and developing sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions".

This year the world host for the world environment day in India.

"These mainly find their ways into the water bodies disintegrating to micro-plastic which are consumed by aquatic animals and ultimately kills them or are transferred into the food chain".

Pandya went on to say: "It is unfortunate that the state's environment minister himself is trying to protect plastic manufacturing units, which produce banned category of plastic".

Here, in Jamaica, we are encouraged by the Government's decision to ban of the use of single-use plastic bags in the retail trade.

Each year World Environment Day is organised with a theme that benefits the people and environment all over the world. However, when you compare the plastic production with the growing market demands, it is expected that till the time we reach 2025, the plastic production might reach the five hundred million tonnes figure. Each one of us. Prime Minister made a fervent appeal for the world to work unitedly in eliminating plastic pollution.

Akbaruddin warned that the scale and urgency of the problem were increasing by the day and success can only be achieved by raising awareness and taking action across the world.

According to the United Nations (UN), more than 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and half of it is single use or disposable.

We all are on the cutting edge of a global plastic calamity.