Melania Trump appears for 1st time in 3 weeks

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Grisham added that Trump and her staff have been keeping busy with meetings and planning White House events.

It's not clear she would have gone anyway, but past year she traveled with the president overseas for various global meetings and tours, including the G7 Summit in Italy, where Trump wowed the locals in a $51,000 Dolce & Gabbana coat.

A Gold Star daughter at last night's dinner did tweet a video of the president and first lady walking into the room and said the first lady took time to shake hands with family members at the event honoring fallen service members. Others had to keep an eye on social media.

U.S. President Donald Trump is still scheduled to attend, but Melania's absence is sure to fan the flames of social media speculation, since she has not been seen in public for almost a month.

While the first lady returned to the White House on May 19, her lack of any public appearances sparked speculation and various theories to run rampant regarding her true whereabouts, with some penning their own guesses on Twitter that ranged from her actually having undergone plastic surgery to her "finally going after that divorce she wants so badly".

The first lady of the United States is back.

Last weekend she stayed behind in Washington as Mr Trump and many of his immediate family went to Camp David.

The White House did not allow journalists to cover the Gold Star event out of respect for the families, which meant Mrs. Trump was seen in person only by the 40 or so families and administration officials who attended.

After Trump backpedaled to the press, first taunting the content of the letter, saying "it was a very interesting letter" and even asking for bids to reveal what was inside - eight minutes later, he admitted he hadn't actually read it. On Sunday's episode of "Last Week Tonight", the host opened his show by diving into the oversized letter given to Trump by North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol last week.

"She's doing nice - simply has different conferences", Grisham stated when requested whether or not the primary girl would possibly attend Tuesday's occasion.

"Mrs. Trump has always been a strong and independent woman who puts her family and certainly her health above all else, and that won't change over a rabid press corps", she told Fox News.

Her absence sparked all kinds of wild speculation, but the first lady has shown no interest in making an appearance just to knock down rumors.

- President Donald Trump abruptly called off the Philadelphia Eagle's visit to the White House after multiple players and coaches said they would boycott the visit in light of the NFL's recent kneeling policy.

"In America, we expect to have a first lady who is active and involved", Brower said. Melania Trump won't be joining her husband at the 2018 G7 summit in Quebec or accompanying him to the meeting planned with North Korea's leader in Singapore following the G7.