Trump falsely claims exoneration from report

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FBI Director Christopher Wray, who Trump tapped as Comey's successor a year ago, also stood by the report's final conclusion Thursday afternoon, vowed the nation's top law enforcement agency would learn from past mistakes and assured more training for agents. There was total bias.”.

By Trump's own "partisanship equals bias" logic, these people should be helping him rather than investigating him.

"The inspector general finds that James Comey just didn't care if he might be seen as acting in a way that might hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign", she said.

This is a play on a response that one often heard during the course of the 2016 campaign whenever an argument made about why Donald Trump should not be President. A Republican at the top of the Justice Department appointed a special counsel past year to investigate the Trump campaign's connections to Russian Federation. Still, he said he was not surprised by the inspector general's conclusion that Comey's actions weren't motivated by political bias.

The report took Comey to task for publicly announcing in July 2016 that Clinton would not face charges, even as he accused her of mishandling classified information. A document listing preliminary conclusions was obtained by the Associated Press ahead of the separate report from the Justice Department's internal watchdog.

“We found that it was extraordinary and insubordinate for Comey to do so, and we found none of his reasons to be a persuasive basis for deviating from well-established Department policies in a way intentionally created to avoid supervision by department leadership over his actions, ” the report says.

The president then turned to the IG's report, with Fox host Steve Doocy referring to text messages sent by the FBI's Lisa Page and Peter Strzok about potential stopping a Trump administration.

Horowitz also revealed that Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok used his personal email account for government business. It did not find evidence that those views seeped into the investigation.

At that news conference - which followed a private meeting on a plane at an airport between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Comey's boss, and former President Bill Clinton, the candidate's husband - the then-FBI director said Hillary Clinton's actions were "extremely careless".

Comey also wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times responding to the report's findings.

Strzok replied: "you and I both know the odds are nothing". She told the inspector general she decided not to step aside because it might "create a misimpression" that she and the former president had discussed inappropriate things. The report says this attorney, called "FBI Attorney 2", was "the primary FBI attorney assigned to (the Russia) investigation beginning in early 2017" and had also worked for Mueller.

Also criticized in the report was Comeys decision, despite the discouragement of the Justice Department, to reveal to Congress that the FBI was reopening the investigation following the discovery of new emails.

The report was particularly critical of Mr Strzok, the lead agent in the Clinton probe, saying he showed anti-Trump bias that could have affected his thinking on the case during the immediate run-up to the 2016 election.