IOS 12 Will Automatically Share Your Location With 911 Responders

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In iOS 12, when you make an emergency 911 call, your iPhone will automatically share the location of your device with emergency responders.

For privacy, the user information collected can not be used for any non-emergency goal.

"When every moment counts, these tools will help first responders reach our customers when they most need assistance", he added. The approach developed by Apple and RapidSOS sends location data from an iPhone to a "clearinghouse" accessible to emergency calling centers.

Apple said the feature will build upon its existing HELO (Hybridized Emergency Location) technology, which it launched in 2015.

The technology used by 911 centers hasn't changed much since the first 911 call was placed 50 years ago, Ekl says, adding that there are about 6,300 such centers across the USA, mostly run by local governments.

Google also has its own version of the technology, called Android Emergency Location Services (ELS), available on more recent Android phones.

Apple, along with startup company RapidSOS, will be able to calculate a caller's location based on data collected from Wi-Fi access points, nearby cell towers and Global Positioning System.

Apple's announcement essentially marks the company's decision to supply iOS users' location data to RapidSOS' "NG911 Clearinghouse".

Global iPhone users haven't been left empty handed regarding the automatic security feature, as those running iOS 11.3 or later still have access to Advanced Mobile Location (AML) which largely functions in a similar way. Location info from a 911 call made on an iPhone with iOS 12 will be delivered via this supplemental path by default.

Responding to both Violent crimes and Property crimes, roughly 80 percent of 911 calls are made from mobile devices, wherein telecoms and similar infrastructure of bygone era reduce the response times due to inefficiency in co-ordinating and accurately pinning the exact location of the caller by the 911 centers.

"This new functionality is an example of how companies and first responders can use technology to dramatically improve public safety". The stakes here are also certainly high, given that e-commerce sales hit $452 billion in the US last year, according to USA government estimates cited by Reuters. He said he hopes other phone makers will follow Apple's lead.