Paul McCartney stuns fans in emotional edition of Carpool Karaoke

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"Oh man, it got me emotional there, Paul", Corden says as the song comes to an end.

After the unusually heartfelt moment, the segment continued on in a lighter mood, as the host and the music icon drove around Liverpool visiting all the places that played a significant role in the history of The Beatles. "Can you please, please help me?" However, the best part for McCartney was returning to the home where he lived out his teenage years and, more importantly, where The Beatles got their start. Their duet left Corden in tears: "That's the power of music", said McCartney.

The duo also visit Macca's actual family home, where he hasn't been in over 50 years.

Describing how he and Lennon had played She Loves You to his father, McCartney recalls him asking if they could change the refrain to "yes, yes, yes" because there were already too many Americanisms in common use.

The video also saw the legend revisit his childhood home on 20 Fortlin Road, where he told the wonderful story of how he and John Lennon wrote She Loves You and played it for his father. I felt so bad when it came out in the press - "Foo Fighters had a awful time, they hated the whole fucking thing".

McCartney then explained the origins "Let It Be".

McCartney harmonised with Corden singing Blackbird and his new single Come On to Me from the album Egypt Station.

'I can remember my grandad who is a musician, and my dad sitting me down and saying, "we're going to play you the best songs you've ever heard" and then playing me that [Let It Be]. They cycled through "A Hard Day's Night", "Love Me Do" and "Back the USSR", as onlookers filled the pub.

Check out the Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke video below.