Ronald Vitiello chosen to lead Immigration and Customs agency in Trump administration

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Mr. Trump made the comments to Fox News' Maria Bartiromo in an interview that will air on Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Features" with Maria Bartiromo at 10 a.m. "So I beg everyone, please release these children, give my son back to me", she said through an interpreter, weeping.

"You think you should get rid of the agency?" he said, his eyes wide. "Some of them did", Sperling said. On Tuesday, U.S. House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a stunning Democratic primary upset in NY after campaigning on abolishing the agency, which was formed in 2003 as part of a post-9/11 federal overhaul that created the Department of Homeland Security.

United States lawmakers are voicing the same demand, along with human rights organizations, who note that ICE is a relatively recent creation. He will serve as deputy director and acting director of ICE, Nielsen said in a statement.

Presumably, those lamentable practices include incidents like one in Kansas City, Missouri, where an ICE agent assaulted an immigration lawyer who was reuniting a child kidnapped by the Trump administration with her mother. Deportations fell from a high of 434,000 in 2013 to 344,000 in 2016. The demonstrations were putatively addressed to the separation of illegal immigrant families at the border-never mind that President Trump has already issued an executive order addressing that issue-but the real agenda was open borders, i.e., no national sovereignty.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently stated, "The president often says a country without borders, is not a country". The Trump administration has asked a federal judge to allow the government to detain families together for longer than the current 20-day legal limit.

On Friday, Gillibrand echoed her sentiment on Facebook, writing "We need to abolish ICE".

Yet other Democrats fear that such a position is fraught for the party as Trump continues to paint immigrants as risky to put his political rivals on the defensive.

"I'm not a radical, and I'm not an activist", said Kate Sharaf, a Portland co-organizer.

Agents wrote that they are constantly explaining what they do, and how it differs from immigration enforcement.

The White House is set to appoint a new ICE director. Voters also want stricter enforcement of immigration laws (70%). These are thoughts once relegated to the outermost fringes of the Democratic Party. Since then, calls to abolish ICE have grown from a whisper to a shout. Hartford City Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez, of the Working Families Party, said the visceral nature of reporting from the border during the height of the family separation crisis pushed the movement toward a tipping point.

"But the abolish ICE debate oversimplifies everything", the aide said.