Heat wave kills 19 in Canada

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Another five casualties pushed the death toll to 11 by Wednesday morning, when the city awoke to another suffocating day of high temperatures.

Montreal firefighters and police have been rolling out its emergency response efforts looking for people who may be at risk of health complications during this extreme heat wave.

Casey says deaths as they occur are not reported to OPH.

Kaiser told CNN Wednesday that the victims were mostly over the age of 50, male, and living alone. The deaths were not concentrated in any specific municipality. A high of 26 and low of 14 is expected in Toronto on Friday, Ms. Hobelman said, with a chance of showers and a thunderstorm. "We're inviting the population to be vigilant for the next two days - for themselves as well as those close to them".

Following warnings across several states of the potential for a Fourth of July heat wave, forecasters say relief is on its way as a change in weather pattern will sweep away the humid conditions, bringing temperatures back down to its seasonal average.

"It could save a life, " Genereux said.

Heat warnings have also been issued for much of Ontario, Nova Soctia and New Brunswick.

The mercury has regularly topped 30 degrees since Friday in southern Quebec, accompanied by stifling humidity levels.

Dr. Mylene Drouin, head of public health for the Montreal region, said the number of fatalities has risen since authorities first announced six deaths on Tuesday, but that the spike is not unexpected.

"We're doing everything we can", she said at a news conference, according to CBC.

Montreal's civil services have announced the introduction of measures aimed at ensuring the well-being and safety of residents, including a door-to-door operation created to reach at-risk people and to provide prevention advice in certain areas.

Regardless, the City of Montreal has rolled out emergency measures.

Urgences-sante says it has been inundated by the volume of calls since a heat wave enveloping Eastern and Central Canada settled in for an extended stay over the weekend. Montreal paramedic service says it's reached the 'limit of the capabilities of our services, ' with a 30% increase in 911 calls.