Netflix and Amazon become more popular than pay-TV services

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Public service broadcasters aren't supporting the traditional broadcast team very whole heartedly, as the BBC, ITV Channel 4 and Channel 5's £2.5bn combined network spending on original UK-made programmes in 2017 represented a record low - and was £1bn (28 per cent) less than the 2004 peak of £3.4bn.

The amount of time spent watching broadcast television on a TV set continued to decline, Ofcom said in its Media Nations: UK report, standing at 3 hours 22 minutes a day, down nine minutes on 2016 and 38 minutes since 2012.

Today, Ofcom has announced that TV streaming services - such as Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and Now TV - now have more subscribers in the United Kingdom than traditional paid satellite/cable services.

In Q1 2018, pay-TV subscriptions in the United Kingdom totalled 15.1 million, while the leading three on-demand video services came in at 15.4 million - a figure that includes subscriptions to multiple on-demand services within one household. In Q1 2018, 71% of those with an SVoD subscription also had a pay-TV service - approximately the same proportion as the previous year. YouTube, with its massive, varied and often amateur content maintains the biggest overall share of viewing time.

Sharon White, Ofcom's chief executive, said: "Today's research finds that what we watch and how we watch it are changing rapidly, which has profound implications for United Kingdom television". These challenges can not be underestimated. The $8 price point will aim to attract consumers in those middle states, as well as people who are looking for a cheaper service than Netflix. However, this figure includes subscriptions to multiple on-demand services within one household: 11.1 million households (39.4%) have at least one of either Netflix, Amazon or NOW TV. "By making the best British programs and working together to reach people who are turning away from TV, our broadcasters can compete in the digital age". Walmart is of the belief that those on the United States coasts are more likely to subscribe to Netflix et al., and that the center of the country is ripe with potential customers.