Wildfire explodes into Northern California community; 2 dead

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The fire erupted Thursday night near Redding and swiftly moved into the west side of the city after jumping over the Sacramento River.

"This fire is extremely risky and is moving with no regard to what's on its path", Cal Fire Incident Commander Chief Brett Gouvea told reporters.

The fire grew 15,000 aces overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, and by evening took on another 8,000 acres.

"We're here to confirm that we had a private dozer operator fatality".

The blaze on Thursday killed a bulldozer operator working with fire teams to clear brush around the fire.

A Volkswagen Beetle scorched by a wildfire called the Carr Fire rests at a residence in Redding Calif. Friday
A Volkswagen Beetle scorched by a wildfire called the Carr Fire rests at a residence in Redding Calif. Friday

"The fire is moving so fast that law enforcement is doing evacuations as fast as we can.

There have been some injuries to civilians and firefighters", California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Scott McLean told the newspaper.

California Governor's Office of Emergency Services spokesman Kelly Huston says they are coordinating bringing in aircrafts from the California National Guard to help fight the flames.

At least 65 homes had been destroyed, but a walk through at least one neighborhood revealed dozens more reduced to ash and rubble.

Belongie said she has prepared for the worst, if flames, edged on by winds pushing flames over parched land, continue moving through Redding. At least 37,000 people are now under evacuation, including the entire city of Redding as firefighters deal with afternoon winds that could blow the blaze north into the city of Shasta Lake.

Flames have consumed trees, houses and historic buildings in Shasta County for days and temporarily closed traffic along Highway 299.

"Right now we are being evacuated", said TV anchor Allison Woods.

A reporter with Redding television station KRCR choked up as she reported live updates about the fire before the station had to go off the air later. "It was just time, it was time to evacuate".

Medics and hospital staff have been affected by the fire as well.

He said the hospital was preparing high-risk patients to be evacuated but there were no immediate plans to do so. "Several members have lost their homes".

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Thursday for Riverside and Shasta counties in response to fires.

More evacuations have been ordered as a devastating wildfire torches an area in and around the Northern California city of Redding.

"I didn't know if the fire was just going to jump out behind a bush and grab me and suck me in", Williams said.

A 32-year-old man is under arrest, booked on five counts of arson.

According to KCBS Radio, at least two fire tornadoes have been reported in the region.

Damate then pleaded with residents to follow the evacuation order in place and "stay safe". He and his family had been vacationing in the area with friends when the wildfire spread.