Trump drums up support in OH ahead of special election

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Troy Balderson, the Republican candidate for a U.S. House seat in a Tuesday special election, point blank why he invited Trump to campaign for him at his event in Delaware County.

"It's really kind of shocking because this should be just a slam dunk [for Republicans] and it's not", Kasich said.

The imprint of those three former governors on the state's economy still remains, even though the current crop of Republicans try hard to blame Malloy and anyone else but themselves for the problems that were created during those administrations. "So suburban women in particular here are the ones that are really turned off".

Trump called Balderson "the guy who will do things" and dismissed O'Connor as a person nobody knows.

Kasich said Balderson told him he hadn't had anything to do with the president's decision to come to Ohio. "You know, I think Donald Trump decides where he wants to go and I think they think they're firing up his base" with the Trump rallies.

He also brought on-stage Freedom Caucus member and Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, who praised the president on his leadership and accomplishments, amid cheers from the crowd saying "speaker of the house".

Trump tweeted late Friday that James was interviewed "by the dumbest man on television", CNN anchor Don Lemon, but that he "made Lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do".

Both James and Lemon are African-American. Pat Tiberi is shockingly close - and that "doesn't bode well for the Republican party". "The party has shrunk because we don't have this positive growth-oriented opportunity message".

The president ended his tweet by saying "I like Mike!" - seeming to side with Michael Jordan in the debate over whether he or James is the greatest National Basketball Association player of all time.

Another GOP official said Trump's style is not conducive to building up the featured candidates.