Google Play warns searchers that Fortnite "is not available"

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But as of today, Google searches for Fortnite are indeed pointing to the right places, and Google's storefront message means that fakes probably won't reign on Google Play.

The stats of the weapon have been leaked by data miners and Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks has published the whole list.

We will continue to provide updates on weapon skins in Fortnite: Battle Royale if Epic Games announces any new information. Since most of the people are still unaware of this fact, third party developers have begun to produce fake copies of the original game. In its press release, Google did say that this feature is now available for Google Assistant on phones, but it will soon roll out to Android Auto and Assistant-enabled headphones. Epic Games has yet to comment on this issue.

Once you know you have a compatible handset, you need to head on over to the sign up page to register. Yeah, we know. Although the game has been up and running on other platforms, it's still in beta on Android. When downloading apps from the Play Store, it's usually only a matter of tapping the download button, confirming payment if necessary, and the download is processed. Due to sheer volume and variety of downloadable games on mobile platforms, cutting through the noise is nearly impossible. But it appears Epic also realizes the potential security holes this method could open up for Android users. According to a report from SensorTower, Google could lose out on $50 million or more in fees.

Patrik Wilkens, vice president of mobile at Spil Games indicated towards the disadvantages by saying that, "In most markets, it would be courageous to ignore Google Play".

Android users can adjust the settings so they can download apps and games from anywhere on the internet.

Google had introduced its new Google News app during this year's Google I/O, and it seems like Google Assistant will be able to read those stories to you. If you do it this way, you will need to make sure your phone is able to install apps downloaded from your mobile browser.