Google launches new tools to make Internet work for more Indians

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Google's Go app on Android is meant for emerging markets where devices usually have poor internet connections.

In light of the fact that one of 35 searches in Google India are for the definition of a word, Google will now deliver definitions in both English and Hindi, and will deliver a pronunciation guide as well.

Caesar Sengupta, Google's General Manager of Payments and Vice President leading the Next Billion Users (NBU) initiative, poses for a picture after an interview with Reuters in New Delhi, India, August 28, 2018. Using natural language processing and speech synthesis AI, this technology can read billions of web pages in 28 languages.

The Google Assistant arguably gets the biggest update.

According to Google, India is the fastest-growing country on Google Maps. Assistant now recognises Marathi and Google announced seven more languages that will be added to Assistant in the coming months. Towards this we introduced Smart Display campaign in Hindi and have also expanded our ad products to support Tamil, Bengali, and Telugu across Search, Display and YouTube.

Voice, Video, and Vernacular After having rolled out Google Assistant on smart feature phone JioPhone, Google is now leveraging its voice capacities on Google Go, a lite version of its main application.

The Google Go feature that will read text aloud will greatly assist people who have trouble reading or are not skilled in the original language of the web page. Many of India's new internet users favour listening and speaking over reading text.

With the new Google Pay app in India, certain customers of partner banks will be able to secure instant loans within the app itself, with the amount being disbursed in minutes.

At the last year's Google for India event, Google has officially launched the UPI-based mobile payment app called Tez in India. In case you are getting confused, let us tell you that Google Pay is actually a unified payment service which is a combination of Android Pay and Google Wallet. This makes it very hard for Indian languages publications to bring their content online. "We expect to start rolling out services by the end of the year with cities like Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, to connect gram panchayats, primary health care centres and other public places", he said.

Google today held the fourth edition of its annual ' Google for India' event.

Google Maps and Google Station Google Maps continues to be a priority product for Google.