Tropical disturbance will bring increased rain chances closer to Labor Day

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In the tropics, there is Tropical Storm Florence in the extreme Eastern Atlantic off the coast of Africa. The islands could experience up to eight inches of rain and life-threatening flash floods from whats known as Tropical Cyclone Six, forecasters said.

Stay tuned to Space Coast Daily this Labor Day weekend for information regarding these tropical systems and your local forecasts. Then once it enters the Gulf of Mexico, it could get slightly better organized and affect the northern Gulf Coast between Tuesday and Thursday.

Visible satellite image of PTC6 (pre-Florence) near the Cape Verde islands.

It will continue to strengthen over the next few days as it continues on its path this way, but should not gain hurricane status. At least through the middle of next week, it is not a threat to land. The National Hurricane Center introduced this product previous year to accommodate systems that develop and intensify near land.

It is still too early for specific details like: who will see the heaviest rain or whether it actually forms into a named system.

A tropical wave is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms across Hispaniola and the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean on Saturday.

We've certainly been getting a proper taste of the seasons over the past year, with Storm Ophelia last autumn, the Beast from the East and Storm Emma in the winter/spring and sizzling temperatures and drought in the summer. In addition, late August to mid-September marks the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, with September 19 being the climatological pinnacle of the season.

Florence will not be a hurricane at this time but will bring rain as it continues to travel in the Atlantic to the west-northwest.

Seven-day forecast from the ECMWF. Helene is still an original name from 1982.