Trump says Woodward book contains 'exact opposite' of truth

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He told Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: "You're past your prime". Trump's closest aides, including cabinet members, took extraordinary steps to control his risky impulses that could wreck agreements and cause war, including stealing papers from his desk awaiting his signature. "I slept like a rock", the president said. Dowd suggested Trump not testify.

"I don't want him looking like an idiot", Dowd said.

"I don't think Trump's going to like it, because it's a book", he joked. "Big deal", Trump told Woodward, according to a transcript of a telephone call released by the Post. In the book, Trump says of the former Alabama senator: "This guy is mentally retarded".

"Certainly the president is his own best story teller and his own best advocate for his policies", Sanders said.

"I'm very sensitive to that", Mueller reportedly responded.

Still, Mueller at one point told Dowd that he could acquire a grand jury subpoena, which Dowd interpreted as a threat.

"'I'm breaking up with you because you're dumb, annoying, selfish, ugly, and I don't like you, and I'm not attracted to you in anyway, '" Meyers said, before assuming the voice of the dumpee. "I'm just thinking of the possibilities here".

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley denied Tuesday that Trump had ever planned to assassinate Assad.

"Sekulow's answer was classic Trump - an answer spun out of thin air, with contradictions, made-up stuff, anger", Woodward wrote.

Interested in Donald Trump? And, from what we know of Woodward's modus operandi, this book is even more evidence that the "establishment" has had enough of the festival of fools in the Oval Office. Trump said. "Let's go in".

"Why aren't we getting this done?" Woodward reports that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did in fact call Trump a "moron" following a defense-related meeting. At a National Security Council meeting on January 19, the president questioned why the government was spending resources in the region at all. The most astonishing part of the conversation is Woodward actually tells Trump he is recording the conversation (Trump agrees to it) and also has his (Woodward's) secretary listen in on the conversation. "There was nobody taking anything from me".

The president pushed back in all caps against the famed Watergate journalist, whose "Fear: Trump in the White House", painted grim picture of a White House in disarray.

Woodward is considered one of the most renowned investigative political journalists in recent decades. Woodward conducted most of his interviews on "deep background", meaning he could incorporate the material without citing from whom it came.

According to The Washington Post (the paper at which Woodward is an associate editor) the 448-page book offers an unsparing look at the commander-in-chief, gleaned from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand participants and witnesses.

A Pentagon spokesman, Col. Rob Manning, said Mattis was never interviewed by Woodward.

U.S. defence secretary Jim Mattis, known as India's best friend in Washington DC because of his keenness to grant Delhi a waiver on impending USA sanctions against Russian Federation, is said to have been quite irritated with President Donald Trump during a nuclear standoff with North Korea this January. [It] sounded like he got a real kick out of it.

I admit. My gob was as smacked as anybody's was when details of the forthcoming Bob Woodward book, Fear, started trickling out.

Trump has spent the past two days going after the new book from Woodward, who helped break the Watergate story that brought down the Nixon presidency in the 1970s.

Mr Mattis told Mr Trump he would "get right on it", but instead developed a plan for a limited air strike that did not threaten Mr Assad personally.

"Yeah, O.K.", Trump said. So Porter consulted Cohn, who told him, according to Woodward: 'I can stop this. Trump is quoted as describing Reince Priebus, Kelly's predecessor, as "a little rat".

"The idea I ever called the President an idiot is not true", Kelly said in a statement distributed by the White House. It's pointless to try and convince him of anything. Cohn couldn't be reached for comment. Kelly then pulled Cohn aside to express his dismay over how Cohn was treated. "If that was me, I would have taken that resignation letter and shoved it up his ass six different times".