Chrome 69 Generates Strong Passwords For New Online Accounts

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Google publicly released Chrome on September 2, 2008, and today it's celebrating the browser's 10th birthday with major updates. For example, the updated tab shape and color palette makes it easier to see the tab icons, which will make it easier for you to find which of the (too many) tabs you now have open.

Although most of the changes are purely aesthetic in nature, some of them will likely help you be more productive in Chrome 69. The company announced that it would be bringing a major update to the browser, featuring a new look and vast improvements to the user experience. Your saved passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers, can be accessed from the Chrome toolbar, as shown in the feature image at the top of the page. When you create a new password for a website, Chrome will now generate one for you.

The changes will take place across both desktop and mobile, too, meaning users can expect a consistent experience which is no mean feat given the number of platforms Chrome is now available on. Now you can complete simple search tasks right in the Omnibox without leaving your tab, such as looking up the definition of a word, translating text, or even answering simple questions with definitive answers.

The search bar - which is commonly known as the Omnibox - can now show more information without needing to open a new tab. For example, if you're a person who loves to have lots of tabs open, you can still do that, but the icons for websites are more clearly visible when you have an enormous amount of tabs open. The address bar's been also tweaked, with the Omnibox (suggestions bar) now giving you intelligent suggestions.

With Chrome owning over 60% of the browser market share, the browser is a driving force for promoting HTML standards and new features in web browsers.

The new Chrome will allow more customisations like enabling shortcut creation and management from the new tab page. If you're lazy or open a bunch of tabs, this feature will save you a bit of time so you won't have to find the answer on Wikipedia or WolframAlpha.

Apparently the password manager is called Chrome Dino. "Already, we're working on integrating augmented reality (AR) into Chrome to bring information that you interact with across the web and put directly into your physical environment", shared Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, VP, Chrome and Chrome OS. As far back as Chrome 56, the company had started to issue warnings about the lack of security on HTTP sites. You can download the latest version of Chrome for Android from Google Play Store.

The search and address bar is now more convenient.

You can now customise the new tab page so you're able to simply open a new tab and "Add shortcut".

There's one more update debuting alongside Chrome 69.