First Look At Joaquin Phoenix's JOKER Is Extremely Serious

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Joker director Todd Phillips shared the first official photo of Joaquin Phoenix as the title villain in the upcoming DC Comics movie on his Instagram page Sunday. It's technically not even confirmed that Phoenix is this movie's Joker, just that he's the star.

Phillips also made a decision to clue audiences in on the character's real name - "Arthur".

Pictures. You can check out that photo below. He boops him. It's cute.

The film is scheduled for release on October 4, 2019.

Some DC fans may be pretty underwhelmed by the first look at Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker film. Robert De Niro is apparently in talks to join the film as a smug talk-show host who plays a part in driving Phoenix's Arthur (yes, that's his pre-Joker name) to go mad.

Reddit user cameron_w_robertson created the "quick mashup", transforming Arthur into the Clown Prince of Crime.

Todd Phillips making a serious, grounded movie about the Joker is odd enough.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Daily Mail released video footage shot on the film's gritty set in Harlem, New York, in which Phoenix and an unidentified actor in clown makeup are shooting a scene. "And so I think that's what Todd sees appealing about this idea". Maybe Phoenix will be dropped into a Value-Added Tax of acid or something late in the film, but for the most part, it looks like we'll be examining a real human being, stripped of supervillainous accoutrements.

The story will be a character study as well as a cautionary tale of "a man disregarded by society who becomes the ultimate supervillain", according to Deadline.