Flood victims get food and water; rain spreads to Northeast

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The port of Wilmington, North Carolina, is getting ready to reopen either later Tuesday or Wednesday morning, nearly a week after it shut down ahead of Hurricane Florence, and ahead of any official announcement from the US Coast Guard, according to a Moran Shipping port update Tuesday.

In Kinston, where water overran the banks of the Neuse River in the city in eastern North Carolina, a crowd of people gathered on Riverbank Road to look at the changed landscape of Neuseway Nature Park.

Cutter and Shepherd said the weather service needs to work with social scientists who study how people react and why.

"Road conditions are starting to improve in some parts of our state but rising creeks, streams and rivers continue to make travel unsafe", Cooper said in a news conference.

Florence, which made landfall on Friday as a Category 1 hurricane before it was downgraded, has already killed at least 33 people, including 26 in North Carolina and six in SC.

County officials say workers will begin handing out supplies to stranded residents in the city of 120,000 people beginning Tuesday morning.

"At least the health care infrastructure has survived relatively intact".

Flying over Fayetteville, he said, "it was stark to see the raging Cape Fear River, and you knew it was rising, and you could see these vulnerable communities".

"The team has been assigned to some of the most heavily impacted counties of coastal and Southern North Carolina".

That's less than half of the vacant units in Charleston, South Carolina. "But I love big dogs, and we find places for them".

"People are piling in right now", Dr. Calloway said Monday evening. Laplenta said his agency does that regularly and will do more after Florence.

North Carolina is among the top states in the nation in producing pork and poultry, with about 9 million hogs at any given time and 819 million chickens and 34 million turkeys raised each year. The gray ash left behind when coal is burned contains toxic heavy metals, including arsenic, lead and mercury.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched an Emergency Operations Center to monitor the risk of infectious diseases posed by contaminated floodwater, mold prevention treatment and help controlling mosquito populations that thrive in standing water.

The death toll from Florence has risen to at least 32 people in three states, with 25 fatalities in North Carolina. The animals will be sent to shelters throughout the country where they will be up for adoption.

Some Carolinians were relieved that the storm was pushing out, despite the continued threat of flooding from rivers.

Mayor Bill Saffo said he was working with the governor's office to get more fuel into Wilmington. "Anyone trying to get in here - don't try".

As floodwaters recede, mental health effects are likely to linger and can even worsen.

The hurricane pummeled some of North Carolina's smaller cities, where single-family homes make up much of the rental inventory, the Wall Street Journal reported.

"We've had a lot of flooding that's already occurred", McMaster said."But the main flooding is coming".

The Disaster Distress Helpline is available at 1-800-985-5900 or you can text TalkWithUs to 66746.