San Antonians react to first debate between Cruz, O'Rourke

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"This is why people don't like Washington, D.C. - you just said something that I did not say and attributed it to me", O'Rourke told Cruz at one point. "This is your trick and the trade".

Mr. O'Rourke claimed things like "universal background checks" would make schools and other places "demonstrably safer", before chiding Mr. Cruz that "thoughts and prayers are not going to cut it". Cruz wants to add more officers and metal detectors in schools.

While Latinos are expected to become the largest population group in Texas by 2020, whether this is the year Latinos cost Republicans a statewide election remains an open question. A Reuters/Ipsos poll, meanwhile, actually gives Congressman O'Rourke a two-point lead over Cruz, the first poll showing Cruz trailing even within the margin of error.

O'Rourke replied: "True to form".

The topic of tonight's debate will be domestic policy. It was moderated by NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine and Dallas Morning News political writer Gromer Jeffers.

With this ratings change, for the first time this cycle, Cook now estimates Democrats and Republicans are defending an equal number of Toss-Up Senate races: Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota for Democrats; Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas for Republicans.

Cruz said he agreed that being away from their children is hard on elected officials. An attorney who filed two ethics complaints against O'Rourke in 2006 over the project called recent attack ads misleading.

"Senator Cruz, the last time you stood for election was in 2016", said the moderator. "We're not happy till they're not happy".

He then went on to say he was glad to get a second chance and go on to start a family and a business before entering politics.

"Thoughts and prayers, Sen". The Post found that between 2015 and August 20 of this year, 90 unarmed black men were killed by police. "I know that he's doing it for one reason". 'I will pray for anyone in harm's way'.

The Houston Chronicle first reported details of O'Rourke's drunken driving arrest through state and local police reports. "When he speaks, people take that to heart", Murphree said, calling O'Rourke's remarks "insulting to me as a citizen of this state and as a police officer". She says she's voting for O'Rourke over Cruz in November.

Another source of contention was kneeling for the national anthem. "But I think you are absolutely honest, like Bernie, that you believe in expanding government and higher taxes", Cruz said. Texas Rangers and the Dallas County district attorney quickly charged Guyger with manslaughter. "So, from the get go, back in March, there were questions about whether Beto O'Rourke was going to be able to capture the Latino vote".

Such work would prove hard, Mr. Cruz said, given Mr. O'Rourke "has never talked to the president and wants to vote for impeachment".

O'Rourke said he's concerned at the high numbers of black Americans who are killed by white police officers.

A truck sporting a billboard plastered with a negative tweet from Trump about Cruz during the presidential campaign was parked outside the debate hall hours before the two men were set to face off.