How Indian Navy Tracked Down Missing Naval Officer in Indian Ocean

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A doctor and a stretcher are on board the vessel.

Tomy's vessel was dismasted in extremely rough weather and sea conditions, with wind speeds of 130 kmh. He has been provided first aid. Bravo. They have Tomy onboard and he is conscious and talking, fantastic news. well done all involved, incredible news'. I haven't spoken to him in a long time. This year's race began in France on July 1. And going by his Instagram post from a few months ago, he'll be back in action soon. The main mast of his boat Thoriya was ripped off by around 15-metre high waves, they said.

A French fisheries patrol boat found 39-year-old after he was able to provide information via text messages, although the battery power of his devices were diminishing.

Mr Tomy will be transported to Ile Amsterdam, a tiny island in the southern Indian Ocean which has a small hospital but no airport big enough to take a fixed-wing aircraft. "You have to face nature's raw power and struggle to survive".

During the mishap, Tomy also sent an SOS to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Australia. In 2013, the Kirti Chakra awardee became the first Indian to circumnavigate the globe solo.

"He is NOT in distress but feels it is the responsible option to take now that all Rescue assets are close at hand", said race organizers. After rescuing Tomy, the Osiris went ahead to rescue the Ireland national.

As per latest updates, French vessel Osiris has rescued Cdr @abhilashtomy of Indian Navy. He's conscious and doing okay. "The vessel will shift him to a nearby island (I'lle Amsterdam) by evening", Sitharaman tweeted. Indian Naval stealth frigate, INS Satpura with a Chetak Helicopter and tanker INS Jyoti operating in the Indian Ocean have been dispatched for the rescue mission.

In a statement issued on Monday afternoon by the Indian Golden Globe Race, it was confirmed Tomy had been found and rescued by the French vessel Orisis.

But Tomy's position is so remote that none of the ships is expected to reach him before Monday or Tuesday.

Solo yachtsman Abhilash Tomy was stranded 3200km off the coast of Western Australia after his boat was badly damaged during a storm on Friday.

Gregor McGuckin, from Dublin, set sail from Les Sables d'Olonne on 1 July, however he contacted race organisers saying that he got "rolled" in the Indian Ocean and could not continue in the race.

Each boat is able to carry a Global Positioning System and spare satellite phone in a sealed box, however breaking the seal on the box disqualifies the competitor from the race.

The Race's website described Tomy as one of India's most prominent sailors and a pilot in the Indian Navy.

A Royal Australian Navy Ship is likely to depart for the stricken vessel's location and is estimated to arrive after four to five days.