Epic Says Jiggle Physics Included In Latest Fortnite Update Were "Unintended"

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All things considered, it's obvious that Epic Games remains dedicated to provide Fortnite players with the most polished experience possible, even if that means removing certain fan-favorite items for a short spell. FortniteIntel points out that Wailing Woods now has new cabins along with an underground bunker.

For this season's battle pass, players will automatically receive two exclusive in-game outfits: Calamity and DJ Yonder. Shadow Stones, a new consumable, can be found in various locations on the map.

Season 6 of Fortnite is underway, and with it comes many changes-perhaps the most popular so far (and infamous) is a "bug" causing unintended breast physics.

Epic Games is now investigating the issue, although there's no estimated time scale about when it will be back online.

Fortnite's Halloween-themed update introduces a new item called Shadow Stones.

The method we used to find a Supply Llama was to drop in either in the extreme north or extreme south of the map and follow the river through the valley towards Loot Lake at the centre of the map.

Impulse grenades, the silenced submachine gun, the light machine gun, bouncer pads, and remote explosives have all been vaulted.

Other items have been tweaked. You can get dogs, dragons, and other pets that stay with you as a backbling. They don't go much, but they will react to different situations and they're incredibly cute. There are over 100 new rewards to unlock this season, including brand new costumes, gliders, pickaxes, and now background music.

Get Fortnite season six today! We appreciate your patience and will update you once we've resolved the issue. When you're ready, you can download the season six update across all platforms and get stuck into the action!