Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford at MS rally

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"What message that sends to women in America is that we are innocent until proven guilty in this country", said Ernst.

Trump, in a riff that has been dreaded by White House and Senate aides, attacked the story of Christine Blasey Ford at length - drawing laughs from the crowd.

Arizona's Jeff Flake tells NBC's "Today" show that Trump's remarks were "kind of appalling".

Trump's comments on Tuesday were just the latest instance of the President expressing concern about the public outcry resulting from the allegations against Kavanaugh and the impact on other men. She faces three candidates - Republican Chris McDaniel and Democrats Mike Espy and Tobey Bernard Bartee - in next month's special election for the remainder of the two-year term.

McConnell referred to Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing Swetnick, as a "tabloid lawyer" and said he is pushing allegations about "one wild party after another filled with sexual violence for which there happened to be zero witnesses". A final vote on Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court has since been delayed.

Some Republicans fear pushing ahead with Kavanaugh's confirmation could alienate women voters, while Democrats are seeking to capitalize on the controversy.

Kavanaugh's allies say Democrats are raising these new questions because they know the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not be able to prove the decades-old sexual misconduct allegations, the Times reported.

Democrats have seized most recently on Kavanaugh's indignant, emotional testimony before the Judiciary Committee to question whether he has the temperament for a lifetime appointment on the nation's highest court. "You could be somebody that was flawless your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something". Trump said, role-playing a conversation between a son and mother. " - But also fans on reddit who see him as a fellow troll - including one who exulted: "Trump "mocks" Christine Blasey Ford testimony at MS rally crowd roars!"

"What neighbourhood was it in?" I don't know.' 'Upstairs? I don't know. I don't know. But I had one beer. "I don't know. I don't know", Trump sneered, deriding Ford's testimony before the Senate, which was widely viewed as compelling and forthright-in stark constrast to Kavanaugh's enraged, evasive, and lie-filled performance.

"And a man's life is in tatters, a man's life is shattered", Trump continued.

He then called for an expanded FBI investigation into the allegations against the judge after being confronted by two #MeToo protesters in an elevator.

Flake had initially said he would vote for Kavanaugh after last week's hearings.

"I got boys and I got girls, and when I see what's going on right now - it's scary", Trump Jr. said. "We simply can't", Flake said at an event sponsored by The Atlantic magazine.

"Although we do not know the status of the investigation, we are not aware of the FBI affirmatively reaching out to any of those witnesses", Clune said in a tweeted statement. "It would - in effect - be appealing the Senate's verdict directly to the American people", the South Carolina Republican said.

Ford, a California psychology professor, told the Senate that she is "100%" certain Kavanaugh was her attacker.

Flake, who pushed for a delay for the FBI to investigate the assault allegations, said he was keeping an open mind on the nomination. "But here's what we know. one thing for sure".

The FBI will pass its findings to the White House, which will give them to the Senate.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, considered a key swing vote on the nomination, believes the scope of the FBI's investigation should include allegations brought by a third accuser, Julie Swetnick, but the senator is deferring to the FBI itself on who should be interviewed, a spokeswoman said. Trump, however, spent far more time discussing Kavanaugh's confirmation process than Hyde-Smith's candidacy.