Turkey asks Germany to return 136 people with alleged terror links: Hurriyet

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that the U.S. had taken the wrong path by threatening and using blackmail instead of dialogue, and said that it was impossible for any country to trust it.

Mr Erdogan on Saturday in Cologne also inaugurated a new mosque - seen as a symbol of the integration of three million people of Turkish origin in Germany - although the resonance was undermined by the absence of key German politicians.

In a speech at the opening of parliament, Erdogan said the United States had lost credibility by engaging in trade wars globally.

Mount Qandil is home to the PKK terror group's headquarters and the group initially established a presence in Sinjar in 2014 on the pretext of "protecting" the local Ezidi community from the Daesh terrorist group.

However, these relations have hit rock bottom after the failed coup of July 2016 in Turkey, Ankara accusing its european allies of a lack of solidarity after the putsch.

The Turkish lira has lost almost 40 per cent of its value against the dollar this year.

"We aim to do this in the month of October", she added.

The attorney representing an evangelical Christian pastor from North Carolina who is jailed in Turkey said he plans to petition the country's highest court for his client's release.

Erdogan noted that although there are now a number of problems between the United States and Turkey, Washington will finally make an important and correct choice.

"It is impossible for any country in the world to look to the future of their relations with the USA with confidence", he added.

But Ankara seems to have adopted a language more conciliatory at a time when its relations with Washington deteriorate and its economy, heavily dependent on trade with Europe, bat wing. President Trump has demanded Brunson's release.

Turkey's private DHA news agency quoted Ismail Cem Halavurt as saying he would file an appeal on behalf of Andrew Craig Brunson to the country's Constitutional Court on Wednesday.