How does Google's Pixel 3 stack up to its predecessor?

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It uses machine learning to carry out many important functions, and introduced user gestures to speed up navigation. The new Pixel-branded phones will anchor a product event Tuesday in NY. It is priced at $599, aimed at competing with Apple's iPad Pro.

The NOTCH, barely announced and no surprises.

"A Few New Things Made By Google" was big news for tech watchers as Google, and a reminder that Google - once on the service end - is a fully established hardware marketer too.

Google has sold an estimated 7 million Pixels over the past two years, nearly imperceptible next to the 3.6 billion phones shipped during that time, according to IDC. The phones also have 4GB of RAM, which should make for speedy and smooth performance, even if other premium phones have more RAM.

Expanding geographic distribution should provide a small boost to the Pixel line-up.

Compared to that, the Pixel 2 cost $1079 upon release previous year. New additions include France, Ireland, Japan and Taiwan. I like what Google is doing in the hardware department.

Also, the Pixel 3 features a much better digital zoom, a second wide-angle lens, special algorithms that take the picture at the best possible time (eg the time that the photographers smile or open their eyes), night-time shooting with very dim lighting, while users can use Google Photos to store photos in the cloud. Not only will they enjoy reliable system updates for years to come (meaning less need to spend on a new device and hence saving money) as with Apple's products, but they'll also arguably get the best Android software available. "But as a lot of the technology advancements become more naked to the eye, it becomes that much tougher to sell". Last year's Pixel 2 XL was exclusive to Singtel. Not on the Pixel 3 or even the older Pixel 2.

"We're incredibly excited to have partnered with Google in developing this product".

For the third year in a row, the cameras on this year's Pixel phones are again, best in class. In response, Google doubled warranties to two years.

Despite the Gamevice Pixel 3 XL model hogging up your phone's USB-C charging port, a pass-through built into the controller itself means you'll still be able to charge the device while in use and, presumably, hook it up to a PC for any extra games you need to pipe over in a hurry. The Home Hub will sell for $149 when it comes to stores October 22. Home Hub is launching in the United States, the U.K. and Australia. But in general, the phone is not that outstanding and one can point to a lack of truly unique features compared with other Android phones from key brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi.

Google attained a peak smartphone market share of just 0.53% in the final three months of 2017, according to market research firm IDC, and has since seen that drop to 0.14%.