'Saturday Night Live' cold open sat Donald Trump down with Kanye West

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Azealia Banks is on Kanye West's side when it comes to the moves he's making in relation to the White House.

Ice-T has some strong feelings about Kanye West and his Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump.

The big lesson from the meeting, Baldwin's Trump says, was that "black people love me". "I was in a room with Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman and they made a lot more sense than him".

"He doesn't stop. He doesn't listen to anyone but himself. They're trying to control my mind and when someone tells me what to do and what I can wear and I can't wear I feel like they are touching my brain".

"I don't know whether Kanye means much, but I do think that Trump does have potential to appeal to working-class black men that few Republicans do", added Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review.

Asked about that statement now, Chappelle said, "It's hard to tell where Trump ends and his constituents begin, but I think that the rhetoric of his presidency is repugnant".

Shout out to Chris Redd, relatively new SNL cast-member who perfectly nailed Kanye West's MAGA hat-wearing, wide-eyed, totally erratic behavior. Here's what we know about Donald Trump's taste in music, his habit of listening to tracks that mention him, and his choice to make his own playlists for rallies.

"Social media told you that people didn't like me but everybody loves me". If someone was behaving this way in the street, most of us would probably edge away and feel bad for doing so.

In addition to mockery on the long running sketch show, Kanye's visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has reportedly drawn ire directed toward the Kardashian West family. For this reason, the cameras in the White House should not have been filming him.