Adobe Photoshop is coming to Apple's iPad

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There's also a new drawing app in the works from Adobe, called Project Gemini. Now it officially has a name - Premiere Rush CC - and an availability timeline for Android. Created to help social media creators simplify video creation and sharing them on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, it offers one-click auto-duck feature to adjust music and normalize sound.

The target demographic for Adobe Premiere Rush is YouTubers and other web content creators.

Those who already have experience editing, whether with Adobe Premiere or other software, will be pleased with the easy access to the most useful features.

Adobe's video editing software, for now, is available only for Desktop and iOS versions.

A news release out Monday revealed Adobe previewed new iPad versions of Adobe Photoshop CC and Project Gemini, a drawing app, reinforcing the company's commitment to delivering high-performance apps that work seamlessly across surfaces. Premiere Rush CC has a user-friendly interface, suitable for mobile devices, in particular. Regarding Photoshop in particular, there are many updates, big and small, and Jesús Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel has broken them all down in a couple of new videos.

Project Rush, which was announced earlier this year, will also see a CC release, under the moniker Premiere Rush CC. It has the same performance on mobile as on the desktop version.

One of the new app's key features is a range of brushes that lets you turn your stylus into watercolors, oils, and pastels. Basically, everything a social media influencer needs is within the app whether you're a rookie or a seasoned media producer.

Adobe Premiere Rush has its own subscription plan and is also included with a Creative Cloud subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro. Since Adobe specified the app was coming "first to iPad", there's a chance it could be available for Android devices at some point in the future.

Premiere Rush CC Starter Plan: Available for free, the Starter Plan gives customers access to all Premiere Rush CC features, use of desktop and mobile apps and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects and export up to three projects for free.