China and Russian Federation are reportedly eavesdropping on Trump's phone calls

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The intelligence community has always been concerned that Trump's use of his personal iPhones potentially opens his communications to surveillance by foreign adversaries, including the Chinese and Russians, U.S. officials said.

President Donald Trump's aides have repeatedly warned him that calls made on his iPhones are not secure as Chinese and Russian spies routinely eavesdrop, the New York Times reported.

It's hardly surprising, then, that both China and Russian Federation have been listening in on the president's calls.

The New York Times, citing top government officials, said that despite warnings from U.S. intelligence services, the president so far has refused to exchange his personal cellphone for more secure communications methods, although that has been strongly recommended to him.

Lastly, Hua recommended "they should stop using any modern communication equipment and cut off contact with the outside" if they want to ensure absolute security.

Security officials wish he would use an official, secured White House landline - instead of his personal iPhones - to call up his friends and associates.

Chinese telecoms firms, including Huawei, have previously come under scrutiny in the United States because of spying fears. The paper also said "the officials said they were doing so not to undermine Mr. Trump, but out of frustration with what they considered the president's casual approach to electronic security".

On Thursday, the morning after the report came out, President Trump denied the accusation that he uses his personal, unsecured iPhone. "Story is soooo wrong!" the president wrote.

And they say China has put together a list of the people Mr. Trump speaks to regularly, including Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman and casino magnate Steve Wynn.

She reported that the insecurity of Trump's calls could reveal classified information, his own exact location, and key insights into his state of mind. The Times also stated that Trump has two iPhones: one for Twitter and other basic web apps, and one for making phone calls. I like Hard Lines. So news that Trump is literally just leaving his phone on the golf course is particularly ironic. "We can't hand over our government to someone whose deepest, darkest secrets may be in the hands of our enemies", Trump said that June.