Watch the Final Super Smash Bros

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But the Master Hands transform into looping beams of light that carry away the characters, turning them into spirits.

Whatever this new adventure mode is for Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo didn't go into massive detail for "World of Light", the new RPG-like adventure gametype, but it did give us plenty of footage. Some Primary Spirits will also have slots to equip Support Spirits with additional skills.

The Spirits Mode was also shown, which entails certain differently powdered characters from Nintendo history giving fighters extra abilities, sort of like Super Smash Bros.

Incineroar's moveset was revealed for Super Smash Bros.

You'll be able to specify certain rulesets for rooms online for matches.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for the Nintendo Switch on December 7th, 2018. But it does contain a Mii Fighter outfit, and Xenoblade Spirits and music from the Xenoblade Chronicles. More than 50 assist trophies will appear in the game. The presentation stated that the character is still in development and will be available several months after the game launches. Each character pack will include one character, stage, and song for US$5.99.

The Pokémon franchise's Incineroar will join the game as the Echo Fighter for Ryu. A season pass will be available called a Fighters Pass, which will offer all five of the scheduled DLC characters once they become available. Ultimate's DLC plan is and if we can expect that roster to grow.