People Are Furious A Video Game Was Announced

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The Rastakhan Rumble expansion will be arriving on 4 December meaning fans don't have to wait long to get their hands on the new cards.

Activision Blizzard took a hit to its share prices after its new "Diablo Immortal" mobile video game failed to meet user expectations. "Blizzard severely miscalculated how their fans would respond, which suggests they aren't in touch with their players as maybe they should be".

The transition from mouse-and-keyboard or controller to mobile touchscreen device was created to feel completely natural, intuitive, and fun in Diablo Immortal. Speaking with Polygon, higher-ups "repeatedly stressed" Immortal is just one of the Diablo games now in development, and how it was created "from the ground up" despite allegations to the contrary.

To not launch a new PC version of a Diablo game is slapping the face of consumers, and the title's more than 20 year legacy. Blizzard is working with NetEase on the development of the game, and NetEase is known for free-to-play games. We just want a real, Diablo game that's following Diablo 3 (or 2, if that's your thing). And it's being developed with an announcement when the "time is right".

Kotaku reports that two sources with knowledge of Blizzard's show plans confirm that the company was planning to show some content relating to a core Diablo title.

These attempts to achieve better optics did not go unnoticed, as some fans began to spam the trailer with variants of a singular comment, "Hey, Blizzard".

And now there's Diablo Immortal, which is still in development for smartphones. Indeed, Blizzard teased some Diablo-related news in a blog post a couple of weeks before the convention. Following the game release this past weekend at the Blizzcon event, many fans have reacted negatively to the announcement as they were expecting a major installment to the franchise. To Blizzard's credit, they've already admitted they didn't expect this level of backlash regarding Diablo: Immortal, so perhaps there's hope they'll take getting booed at Blizzcon to change course on Immortal.

Blizzard Entertainment today unveiled the next game in the storied Diablo franchise, Diablo Immortal, a mobile massively multiplayer online action-role-playing game for Android and iOS devices.

I can say to them, we have not forgotten you.