More Than 1 Million People Had Their Voting Rights Restored In Florida

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We're not going to do it in a partisan way.

Voting rights activists saw expansion to voting access, including Florida restoring voting access to felons who have served their sentences and "motor voter" laws automatically registering individuals to vote at DMVs. Those people will still be barred from voting unless their rights are restored by the state clemency board, which consists of the governor and the three cabinet officers (attorney general, chief financial officer and commissioner of agriculture and consumer services). Florida is a swing state, and if the close defeats of Democratic incumbent Sen.

"Tonight, in an historic vote, Florida voters have delivered a knock-out blow to a cruel industry that has been hurting and killing dogs for almost a century", the Yes on 13 campaign wrote in a statement. Academics studying ex-felon voting report that anywhere between single digits to 35 percent of these eligible voters cast ballots.

The American Civil Liberties Union has been a major supporter of the initiative.

The Florida Legislature and gambling lobbyists weren't exactly fans of Amendment 3, mostly because it makes it very hard to approve new casinos, since getting 60 percent of Floridians to agree on anything is a massive feat.

So what is next for Meade and his movement? "Thank you for reaching Florida Rights Restoration Coalition".

"The right of citizens to vote for the Constitutional Officers who represent us should be protected in our Constitution, not relegated to unaccountable bureaucrats", Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley said in a statement.

This past Sunday in Tallahassee, where Gillum is mayor, those holding campaign signs at the "souls to the polls" early voting center talked about "inspirational" politics and what passing Amendment 4 would mean for them, their state and the country. "The restoration of felon rights-oh my God!"

The group Floridians for a Fair Democracy gathered more than 1.1 million signatures on a petition to put Amendment 4 on the ballot. "So here's an opportunity to line it up and make it right".

"We want to build on the infrastructure that we've built here in Florida for criminal justice reforms", said Robert Rooks, Vice President for the Alliance for Safety and Justice. "These are our family members, friends, and neighbors who have already repaid their debts to society". They served their time. "It would be groundbreaking. a game changer".

"The idea that we're suddenly going to have 10 percent more registered voters by 2020 is fanciful", said Dan Smith, chair of the political science department at the University of Florida.

Florida was one of only four states that disenfranchised former felons. Not sure where to vote?

Arkansas approved Issue 2, which will require individuals to present a valid photo ID to cast non-provisional ballots in person or absentee.

Amendment 3, also known as the Voter Approval of Casino Gambling Initiative, passed with 71.5 percent of the vote, despite a late push from opposition that believes the move will only further strengthen the Seminole Tribe's stranglehold on the Florida gambling market.