You can now make Skype calls on Amazon Alexa devices

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Now the user is ready to make Skype calls using voice any time easily without much fuss. You can use that credit to make worldwide calls or reach people who aren't on Skype. if you're opposed to using Alexa's built-in calling feature that does it for free. Skype can be activated through the Amazon Alexa app, through the Communications tab within Settings.

"With Skype and Alexa, you can now connect with your friends and family around the world completely hands-free".

It was already possible to make calls and video calls with Alexa devices, but Skype is a huge, cross-platform service, so being able to make calls with it through Alexa is a big get for Amazon and a potential selling point for Echo devices. When someone is calling you, you can simply say "Alexa, pick up" to answer the call.

Amazon's new "Wake-on-LAN Controller" feature will let Alexa users power on TVs and other smart home devices that have gone into low-power mode and thus can't be reached via the cloud.

For better, Video calling experience, it is suggested to update the Skype version to 8.34 or later.

It's great to see devices like the newest Echo Show able to join existing video conferencing solutions instead of going it alone with their own systems.

As a bonus, Microsoft will give you 100 minutes of Skype to mobile or landline calling per month for your first two months after linking to Alexa.