Associate of Roger Stone in plea talks with Muller

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Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist and friend of sometime Trump adviser Roger Stone, confirmed in a Washington Post report from Friday that he's in plea negotiations with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Federal investigators want to know whether Stone had advance access to emails hacked from the Democratic Party and the account of John Podesta, campaign chairman of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and obtained by WikiLeaks.

This story is developing. But he denied having any inside knowledge, claiming that he had surmised on his own that Podesta's emails would be released because "there was plenty on the public record that allowed me to conclude that just studying from what Assange says".

Corsi worked with Roger Stone who is also under investigation
Corsi worked with Roger Stone who is also under investigation

Corsi injected himself into Stone's situation previous year when he claimed that one of his own articles for InfoWars inspired Stone to predict in October 2016 that there would be trouble coming for Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. "And it's, I think, further proof that there is real concern about the ability of Robert Mueller to draw that line from the Russians, to WikiLeaks, to Corsi and Stone, to the president". Ted Deutch (D-FL) pointed out on CNN's "The Situation Room" on Friday evening, the information Corsi gives up as part of this agreement could pose consequences for Trump as well.

"He has stated publicly that he is being asked over and over to say things he simply does not believe occurred", Smith said.

"This could be a really dramatic turn in this case, in this investigation", said Deutch. "He is relentless in his research, and his network of sources is very wide".

Corsi said in an interview with the Daily Caller ten days ago, "I was telling people as early as August, I thought Assange had Podesta emails, and I thought he was going to drop them in October".

"I feel badly for Jerry Corsi".

But in the same interview, Stone appeared to question Corsi's credibility. For Mueller's Russian Federation probe, Corsi's cooperation could be a game-changer. "There's so much information surrounding the Mueller investigation that sometimes it gets hard to keep it all straight".

The magnitude of the information the cooperators have provided is not yet known, and each has gone nearly completely silent in recent months.