Video shows how Sawmill Fire started

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But the blue puffs as the target exploded might be a clue. The 49-second video shows the target in the clearing for just a few moments before a loud boom is heard. A male voice twice shouts "Start packing up!" He was holding an off duty party to celebrate his wife's pregnancy at which the gender of his baby was revealed.

The Forest Service apparently released the video to the Arizona Daily Star as part of the Freedom of Information Act. The Associated Press received the video from the Forest Service on Tuesday.

The newspaper also reported that the exploding target contained tannerite, a legal substance that explodes when shot by a firearm.

Video captures dramatic moment that caused Sawmill Fire
Video of Border Patrol agent's gender-reveal explosion that sparked wildfire released

The US Customs and Border Protection said on Tuesday that Dennis Dickey still is employed with the agency's Tucson sector.

The 2017 fire near Green Valley burned 73 square miles (190 square kilometres) of state and federal land.

The April 2017 Sawmill blaze destroyed 47,000 acres and took 800 firefighters to put out, at a cost of $8.2m.

A shocking video, obtained by the Arizona Daily Star, shows the very moment that the deadly Sawmill Fire got started. "Dickey also agreed to make an initial payment of $100,000 toward the restitution judgement and monthly payments thereafter".

Speaking to US Magistrate Judge Leslie Bowman last September, Dickey told the official that the fire was a "complete accident". "It was probably one of the worst days of my life".

In the clip, as the grass catches fire, a man can be heart shouting: "Start packing up".

An elaborate gender reveal caused $11 million in damages.