British MP reveals he is HIV positive

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"The shame is actually the bigger problem because people don't want to talk about it, they don't want to get tested, and that is what inevitably leads to the more spreading of HIV", Castrejana said.

Humana People to People has built strong relationships with national government health departments and worldwide health organizations.

The charity said that misinformation around HIV still causes stigma, which impacts many people living with HIV.

Dwayne Seymour minister of health
Dwayne Seymour minister of health

According to Statistics South Africa there are just over seven million people living with HIV in the country and half of those are on antiretroviral therapy. "Yet so much of LGBT culture also marked by this spectre of HIV, something that has led to an incredible sense of fear about the disease". UNAIDS estimates that 9.4 million, or 25%, of people living with HIV do not know their status - a key barrier to scaling-up HIV treatment and reducing new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths.

While impressive gains have been made in scaling up access to treatment, we have not seen the same success in HIV prevention and we are failing to reach marginalized populations. They are now the parents of three healthy children who are all HIV negative.

In addition, the Cayman Islands Red Cross continues its work in the community and schools, offering education on sex, sexuality, HIV testing and counseling, as well as condom distribution.

The PPTCT programme aims to prevent the perinatal transmission of HIV from an HIV infected pregnant mother to her newborn baby.

The UNSW research also shows the persistence of stigma toward people most likely to be exposed to HIV.

She added that December 1 was a day for remembering those who have lost their lives to Aids-related illnesses, as well as remembering to support those now living with HIV. And the earlier that HIV treatment is started after infection, the better the outcome.

For local sexual health workers, their hard work has paid off. They were seeing people die. We now know of cases of young men who have tried to gain access to PrEP, who have been turned away and who have subsequently contracted HIV.

In 2005, former Labour cabinet minister Chris Smith, the first openly gay British MP, revealed he had been HIV positive for 17 years.