Microsoft Office Icons Get New Look 5 Years After Last Refresh

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New icons - it's just part of the changes that are expected in office software. We've also added totally new apps to the suite like our AI-powered meetings and chat service, Microsoft Teams.

Despite this visual overhaul, the icons are still hold true to their roots - all five generations that use the suite across various platforms and devices will still be able to identify the apps that have, in part, defined the digital revolution. Despite that, these new icons look familiar and are easy to identify. Color differentiates apps and creates personality, and for the new icons we chose hues that are bolder, lighter and friendlier - a nod to how Office has evolved.

Microsoft представила полностью новые иконки для Office
Microsoft revamps its Office 365 app icons with a simplified look

Microsoft introduced some gorgeous new Office icons yesterday. The traditional tool formatting has been removed to make room to the new language design.

The Microsoft Office icons are getting a modern makeover. Friedman states that while each of the icons has a "unique and identifiable symbol", all of them are connected to form a corporate suite. And Office works across platforms, as it's available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. "This allowed us to emphasize the simplicity of the application", from Microsoft publications Design.

In June this year, Microsoft had announced certain design changes for the Office 365 suite which includes a slight modification, simplified command ribbon and color schemes.

The Excel icon has been redesigned into a rectangular shape to reflect the spreadsheets. Now they consist of two separate layers - the letters and recognizable symbol of the application, with the effect of depth. This is the longest Microsoft has gone without updating its Office icons since 2003.

According to The Verge, Outlook for mobile will be getting an update soon, so maybe it will feature elements of this new design.