Global Sensation 'The Teacher's Pet' Podcast Leads To Actual Arrest

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Chris Dawson was arrested in the 1982 disappearance of his wife Lynette Dawson.

Mr Fuller said: "That information enabled New South Wales Police to get an arrest warrant for a 70-year-old man now living in Queensland".

In recent months it has captivated the world after The Australian's investigative podcast series The Teacher's Pet, for which reporter Hedley Thomas and producer Slade Gibson won the Gold Walkley, Australian journalism's highest honour.

New South Wales police commissioner Mick Fuller, who recently apologised for police failings on the case in the 1980s, said detectives had revisited the disappearance three years ago and a "fresh brief" of evidence had led to the arrest.

Her husband Chris Dawson, a former PE teacher, moved his schoolgirl lover into the family home just days after his wife went missing.

Chris Dawson 70 has been arrested and is expected to be charged with his wife's murder
Chris Dawson 70 has been arrested and is expected to be charged with his wife's murder

Fuller acknowledged that media reports had contributed to police obtaining additional statements relating to the case.

He has always denied any involvement with his wife's death and his family said in a statement they expected him to be found not guilty.

The former school teacher appeared in Southport Magistrates Court on Wednesday where his application for bail was refused.

Meanwhile, Chris Dawson's family has released a statement proclaiming his innocence. Inquests previously recommended murder charges against a known suspect, though prosecutors decided there was insufficient evidence.

Mr Kinsella described the police case as "circumstantial" given his wife's body has never been found and the court heard Mr Dawson had "cooperated" with investigators.

Mr Dawson will face a NSW court later this week.

"We have solved homicides before without identifying the body", he said.

Dawson's case was reopened in 2015 when detectives from the homicide squad's unsolved homicide unit began reinvestigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and suspected murder.

NSW Police and Forensic Services search the former home of missing woman Lynette Dawson, at Bayview on the northern beaches, in Sydney.

"We're certainly hoping an interview with this 70-year-old man who's now in custody in Queensland will assist us with the outcome of where the body may be".

Fuller said two additional witnesses have come forward since April.

"We have to also ensure Chris gets due process".

"Its taken a long haul but its going to be a very good Christmas for our side of the family knowing that we've finally got somewhere and we're going to find out what actually happened through the court system", he told the program.