U.S. gives Russian Federation 60 days to comply with nuclear treaty

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Pompeo said Russia's violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty undermine American national security and as such, the U.S. should not be "constrained" by a treaty that hampers its ability to respond.

"Our nations have a choice".

It is alleged that Moscow has violated the terms of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty - a historic pact that kept such deadly missiles out of Europe.

He warned the world to take heed of Russia's hypersonic missile capabilities as U.S. president Donald Trump threatens to pull out of the Soviet-era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

But Trump has threatened to pull out based on allegations Russian Federation has violating the INF Treaty - accusations Moscow vehemently denies.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said facts had been distorted "in order to camouflage the true goal of the USA withdrawing from the treaty".

The United States has accused Russian Federation of breaching the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, threatening to pull out of the deal in two months.

But on Monday, the U.S. leader said he wants talks with his Chinese and Russian counterparts Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin "to head off a major and uncontrollable Arms Race". Trump, in October, had claimed that Russian Federation had "not adhered to the spirit of that agreement or to the agreement itself", but Moscow has warned that abandoning the treaty would be a major blow to global security.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it "strictly complies with the provisions of the treaty, and the American side is aware of that".

Meanwhile, in Brussels Tuesday, during a separate speech hosted by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Pompeo dismissed claims that the United States was withdrawing from the global stage under President Donald Trump's "America First" policy.

In return, NATO foreign ministers agreed to formally declare Russian Federation in "material breach" of the INF treaty in a statement in support of the US.

Russia's upper house Defence and Security Committee Chairman Viktor Bondarev told Sputnik on Tuesday that the United States and Russian Federation must hold talks on the INF Treaty in order to adapt the accord to the current situation.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have helped modernize Ukraine's armed forces and boosted their presence in the Black Sea over the a year ago, with more ships deployed in the region and more air policing.

Former Russian lieutenant-general Evgeny Buzhinskiy said the terrifying weapons system is capable of penetrating anti-missile defences in the United States and Europe.

Top U.S. officials view Russia's non-compliance with the INF Treaty as part of Moscow's broader campaign of malign activity around the globe, including in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria.

Klimkin welcomed the political support he received in Brussels, but said: "We shouldn't just stay on the level of declarations, however strong declarations are".