XFL announces its eight home venues, including four National Football League home fields

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The St. Louis team will play in The Dome at America's Center, the former home of the Rams.

The XFL held a press conference today in New Jersey, announcing the host cities and venues for the re-launch of the XFL.

The new version of the XFL took another step closer to its comeback almost 20 years after the first incarnation of the Vince McMahon operation lasted only a season.

The XFL is coming back in 2020 in an attempt to provide a viable alternative to the NFL. The XFL has locked in major former National Football League executives, and in the first quarter of 2019, they will identify team presidents and key players, including Doug Flutie. The building is home to two National Football League teams - the New York Giants and New York Jets - and of course, next year's WrestleMania 35.

The XFL hopes to deliver a fan-centric, innovative experience, including fast-paced games and a family friendly environment, complemented by cross-platform viewing options and real-time fan engagement. The AAF also has eight teams and a 10-week schedule but has targeted mid-size markets.

The refurbished XFL falls under the auspices of McMahon's Alpha Entertainment. He said there will be an app that will serve as the central hub for the league. It intends to find players who are struggling to find a job in the National Football League, and from the college ranks. The AAF is also promising a first-year salary of US$75,000, which is close to double the value of the CFL's minimum salary of $54,000.

The XFL will play its games during the NFL's offseason and will "complement", not directly compete with the National Football League, he added. "We pledge to bring St. Louis a team deserving of a passionate and football-starved fan base".

These leagues have gone from vague ideas to actual things in a short time. They feel they have some leverage.