Google's Top Searches of 2018

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Black Panther searches made it at the very top too. Google has also released its annual Year in Search video.

They were among the most Googled terms of 2018. The two changes include image thumbnails next to some of the related searches and a featured snippet with an option to see additional details may show when you click on a related search result.

Simon Rogers, the data editor for Google's News Lab, specified the data also reflects how users globally searched for ways to do good.

In Kenya, the trending searches were mainly dominated by events and personalities.

The top trending search query overall in the United Kingdom was the World Cup, in a year in which many England fans hoped the trophy would finally come home.

Despite the country's absence from the tournament, this year's World Cup topped the list. Self-styled National Resistance Movement general Miguna Miguna came third whereas Kenya Certificate of Primary Education results made it to the fourth position in the search engine. The 2018 World Cup in Russian Federation was the top trending search overall, proving the event doesn't count on the U.S. to generate interest. The company also mentioned that "How to.' and "What is.' are among the most interesting searches". Intrigue around actor and now-royal Meghan Markle also reached fever pitch with her wedding to Prince Harry taking place earlier this year.

Who are the other nine names on the list of top-trending people?

The inevitable conclusion from perusing the top question searches is that Zimbabweans are clearly in need of sex education classes. Indian dancer Sapna Choudhary making it to the top three.