Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas one year after ISIS defeat

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"The promotion of peace and the fostering of goodwill are the eternal messages of Christmas and the essential conditions for achieving social cohesion in this country and everywhere in the world", he noted.

" Today, 25th December, 2018 marks yet another epochal event which is the commemoration of the birth of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ spanning over two thousand years ago".

The President said that the promise of peace and goodwill on earth is central to the festival of Christmas and to the ministry of Christ.

General Bajwa wished Merry Christmas to the entire Christian community in Pakistan.

Apostle Anim said although Christmas represented a period for sharing and showing love in diverse ways, as was done by the wise men for the King Jesus, it must also be considered as a period for reflection and correction. "It is special season on that is filled with the spirit of friendship and fellowship", he noted.

Dozens of worshippers prayed and received communion, and then gathered around the traditional bonfire in the church's courtyard.

Some of Christians were overjoyed and celebrated Christmas with seeking to renew their relationship with Jesus.

"I only buy new dresses for the children to celebrate Christmas in a happy mood", he added.

The church was decorated with colourful buntings and balloons, the devotees attending the celebrations prayed for the communal harmony, love for humanity and compassion for all living inside the valley.

"The eternal beauty of Christmas is the good tiding that the Son of God came to dwell amongst us and that that singular act is worth commemorating because He has reconciled us to God forever".

"However, we received a kind of Christianity that confined God to the Church house, so to worship God, you have to go to church", he said. Some are in the hospitals and others are nowhere to be found, " he said.