Minus LeBron, Lakers drop 2nd straight game vs Clippers

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A run of 22 consecutive points by the LA Clippers erased the Lakers double-digit lead in the third quarter, with Lou Williams posting a season-high 36 points for the Clippers for a 118-107 victory. They have won four straight "road" games against the Lakers, but lost their last "home" game in the series. They thrived by playing physical defense against the Lakers on Friday.

ESPN's National Basketball Association insider Adrian Wojnarowski said quality of life might Leonard's top priority but that Toronto might be his best place to win. "Because they already don't recognize us as a so-called LA team, but we don't really care about that". I know, "Duh!" But even coach Luke Walton admitted as such after watching the Clippers go off on a 22-0 run that decided the outcome. That means Los Angeles Clippers, man. Yeah, I respect that. Excuse my French - that don't mean nothing to me. "And then after I stopped I was like - that one right there made you the greatest player of all time". At the end of the day, y'all gonna have to recognize us, man.

"You could see we just didn't have it offensively and give the Lakers some credit".

Granted the Clippers don't have the starpower they once used to - like Blake Griffen, Chris Paul or DeAndre Jordan, who brought in plenty of extra fans - but they are winning. The Clippers are sitting at 20-14, the West's fourth-best record, while the Lakers are 20-15 and tied with the Portland Trail Blazers for fifth. LeBron James Jnr, who plays for the North Coast Blue Chips at the Amateur Athletic Union level, looked very comfortable at the 21,000-capacity arena as he displayed his dribbling and shooting prowess.

He did not travel with the team to Sacramento, but with the Lakers back in Los Angeles for Friday night's game against the Clippers, James not only was in the building, he arrived in style.

It is well-known that James enjoys red wine during his off time and he has plenty of that as he is dealing with an injury.