Begins Term by Calling Trump a Profanity

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It's crap. So, that being said, why are House Democrats mad at Tlaib when she said what they all want to do?

"'Momma look you won".

Pelosi sought to downplay Tlaib's potty mouth.

Tlaib made impeaching Trump a plank in her campaign too.

On Friday, Trump asked in a tweet: "How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time, done nothing wrong" and has had the "most successful two years of any president".

Trump also talked about U.S. military and nation-building tactics overseas.

With her left hand on the Quran and right hand pointing up towards the sky, Rashida Tlaib swore on Thursday to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies" as she executes her duties as a member of the House of Representatives.

Tlaib was unapologetic Friday morning, penning an op-ed to back up her call for impeachment.

A newly-elected Democratic congresswoman has vowed to impeach President Donald Trump in an expletive-laced speech which has provoked outrage among Republicans.

Tlaib is one of few Democratic lawmakers to call for Trump's removal from office, however House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House Democratic leaders have tread more carefully around the topic of impeachment.

Republicans, they argued, would hold it up as proof that Democrats are playing politics rather than pursuing genuine oversight of the president - even if the GOP never showed interest in investigating Trump scandals while it was in power.

Tension over impeachment is likely to be a persistent thorn for Pelosi, who will have to balance between a small, vocal group of the most liberal members of her caucus, who want to see Trump removed immediately, and the majority of her members who want to wait for special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation to finish. "I keep telling people this is about electing a jury that will impeach him, and I make a heck of a juror", she told The Hill in April, when she was still vying to replace John Conyers Jr., the longtime congressman who resigned in December 2017 amid sexual harassment allegations.

Sherman criticized the tenor of Tlaib's remarks but defended pushing for impeachment.

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