LG's new ThinQ TVs support Apple AirPlay, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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Smart Assistant speakers are going to rule the market in coming days and the recent report of device sales gives a great indication towards it. For example, Google Assistant is built in to nearly every Android device produced outside of China.

Google announced a major milestone for Google Assistant today. The tech giant said that figure will be up from the 500 million devices the company said the assistant was on last May and 900 million more than Amazon's Alexa. Google Assistant is also shipping on millions of Google Home speakers every quarter.

In the blog post, Google called 2018 another record year for its Google Home devices, stating that millions were sold over the holiday season with its smart display product, the Google Home Hub (which is still not available in Canada) as a top seller.

All together, Google Assistant is now fluent in almost 30 languages and available in 80 countries - up from eight languages and 14 countries, last year. This is not the built-in voice assistant you might have been expecting. There are more than 150 products with Alexa built in, more than 28,000 smart home devices that work with Alexa made by more than 4,500 different manufacturers, and over 70,000 Alexa skills.

Contextual knowledge from the LG ThinQ AI assistant will also intelligently weave the assistant's together, remembering previous commands so that you can talk in a more natural way to trigger previously or regularly used commands.

And Google has been quickly diversifying the amount of gadgets that are compatible with its assistant, even if it has yet to break out its non-smartphone numbers. One of the most recent announcements from trusted sources reveals that Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 will offer support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa along with Bixby support.