Flu season has returned

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It takes about two weeks for your body to build up immunity after getting vaccinated, but if you receive the shot now, you'll still be protected for most of the flu season, which runs through May (usually peaking in February).

"That is why the Camden County Department of Health and Human Services wants you to know that it's not too late to get your flu shot".

Some people have said they got the flu because they got the vaccination.

Cases for the most recent week fell to 357, compared to 396 reported in the previous week.

MEDINA, Ohio- There have been four flu-related deaths in Medina County this influenza season, the Medina County Health Department said.

The hospital has not set a date when they anticipate to lift the restriction, but said that they will continue monitoring news about the flu season and then assess whether it will be safe to welcome children visitors back.

The CDC warns individuals that flu symptoms come on suddenly.

The predominant strain this year is influenza A H1N1, which officials say tends to have less severe symptoms than the predominant strain that circulated last season.

Influenza symptoms include: headache, fever (102-104), weakness, runny or stuff nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, chest discomfort and general aches and pains. According to the virologists, this year, H1N1 influenza strain is prevalent, threatening kids and young adults.

Another Saskatchewan life has been lost due to influenza, bringing the province's total number of flu-related deaths to six since September 1, 2018.

Q: How do you and your team measure how well the vaccine is protecting people against the flu in a given year?

Flu vaccines are the best way to prevent influenza, according to public health experts, but there's always some guesswork in predicting the strain that will be most commonly circulating in the upcoming season. "Get your flu shot and get protected".

CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot every year.

Of course, it's still possible to get the flu even if you've gotten the flu shot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get vaccinated.

The viruses circulating this year are another reason for the milder season. While Mema says it's close to being the peak of the flu season, it can stick around well into March.

The flu and the common cold are both respiratory illnesses but they are caused by different viruses.