Theresa May Warns Of "Catastrophe" If Brexit Deal Fails

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British Prime Minister Theresa May warned that MPs risk undermining the public's faith in democracy if they reject her divorce deal with the European Union in a vote set for Wednesday NZT. This is too important for political game-playing and I urge Conservative MPs who back Brexit and others to back the deal.

Conservative and opposition MPs have slammed a top minister for fear-mongering after he said derailing or stopping the government's Brexit plan would see a rise in far-right extremism.

Writing in the Sunday Express, she said: "When you turned out to vote in the referendum, you did so because you wanted your voice to be heard".

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged Labour will call a no-confidence motion in Theresa May's government "soon", while again indicating that if he became prime minister he would prefer to negotiate his own Brexit deal rather than call a second referendum.

The Sunday Times reported a group of senior cross-party backbench rebels are now plotting to change House of Commons rules to enable them to override government business if the deal falls.

The Prime Minister faces widespread opposition to the existing agreement, primarily because of language created to prevent the reintroduction of physical border controls between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The vote had been scheduled to take place in December but was called off at the last minute by the prime minister, who was facing nearly certain defeat.

One of the four, Sir Edward Leigh, said it was "now inconceivable that this Parliament, and this Speaker, will allow the United Kingdom to leave on WTO terms on March 29".

While a majority of the 650-seat House of Commons appears to oppose leaving the European Union with no deal, there is no agreement on what alternative to pursue.

He warned Eurosceptics that they may not be able to rely on the clock ticking down to the default option of a no-deal Brexit on March 29 if Mrs May's deal is voted down.

Asked whether MPs could bring forward legislation to revoke Article 50, Cable told BBC TV: "Yes that is exactly what will happen and that is exactly what we should be doing because it would be absolutely outrageous and unforgivable if the chaotic circumstances of a no deal were allowed to happen".

With just two days to go before the Commons vote on her Withdrawal Agreement, she pleaded with parliamentarians to "do what is right for our country" and back her deal.

"Uncertainty in terms of what will happen in the House has increased", Barclay told the BBC.

But asked about a Brexit Plan B, Barclay hinted that May is not ready to ditch her plan if it's defeated, saying he "strongly suspects" lawmakers will end up voting for "something along the lines" of the current deal.

But he added that it would pose "quite complicated questions, such as Britain's participation in the European election".

That plan has been drawn up amid concern that additional border checks could lead to traffic problems at Welsh ports connected to the Republic of Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Labour would table a motion of no confidence in the government if, as expected, the prime minister's deal fails to gain enough votes to pass but he has refused to be drawn on the timing of that. If that effort were successful, Labour would likely also request a delay in the Brexit process.